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Assessment of threats and risk:
-Data protection plan
-Contingency planning/procedures/incident control. If there are no existing policies or procedures, Emerald Security Solutions will be able to write them
-Security design and architecture
-Review and implementation of security measures
-Security management


Safety and Security Consulting

         Emerald Security Solutions firmly believes that targeting risk situations and implementing solutions to protect against them requires an in-depth understanding of each of our client's lifestyles and businesses. Our consultants undertake surveys to assess the weaknesses and threats associated with each client. These assessments consider the potential vulnerability of a client's identified assets as well as the level of defense and deterrence provided by any existing countermeasures. Upon evaluation, Emerald Security Solutions will recommend custom-tailored strategies to reduce our client's risk level and achieve optimal effective security measures.

Emerald Security Solutions spans the security management process from intelligence gathering to threat and vulnerability assessments, planning and developing security management processes, system design and implementation, security management, and protection duties.

The physical reviews of the facilities will include an assessment of:
· Vulnerable points
· Surrounding area
· Perimeter security: fences, gates, landscaping and ground maintenance
· Alarm systems and surveillance
· Entrances and exits
· Access control: external/internal, visitor control, alarms, CCTV
· Lighting
· Communications
· Windows and their protection
· Locks and their efficacy
· Vehicle parking and security
· Equipment security

Our specialists' areas of expertise include:


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