Our Mission Statement

Risk is a constant presence that challenges individuals and organizations every day. Emerald Security Solutions' mission is to provide comprehensive, custom-tailored solutions to effectively handle our clients' array of security risk challenges. Through consistent involvement and a proactive approach, we strive to offer strategic and operational support that exceeds our clients' expectations.
Emerald Security Solutions is dedicated to building long-term relationships and cultivating client trust. We believe that providing independent objective analysis and superior results at a premium value is essential to achieving this goal.
The key to our success is our ability to integrate our diverse skill set, experience and resources to pinpoint security vulnerabilities and implement timely, unique, and cost effective solutions.

476 76th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209  ~ 718-833-4940 ~  E-mail  security@emeraldsolutionsllc.com

Essential to the Emerald Security Solutions brand is our:

· Customer focus: we understand the varied and diverse needs of our respective clients.

· Expertise: we provide highly specialized capabilities in risk assessment and security management.

· Agents: a highly selective screening process and the continuing development of our team of agents.

· Ethos: we foster a core culture rooted in integrity, teamwork and the spirit of true partnership.

From the initial briefing to the long-established contract, the true constant in all our client relationships is trust; a trust built on respect, innovation, excellence, accountability, and teamwork. Emerald Security Solutions is committed to safeguarding that trust to ensure that our clients have total faith in our capabilities and our professionalism.


Our commitment to excellence knows no boundaries. Our service knows no limits.